Black Onyx Concepts will evaluate and advise on all aspects of security from physical and mobile to cyber and remote electronic monitoring systems. Our consultants have a broad range of skills experience that has ensured successful holistic solutions have been found for many previous clients.

Risk and Threat Assessment (RA/TA)

A comprehensive Risk & Threat assessment lays the foundations of any successful security plan giving longevity and safe outcomes if regularly updated and audited.

Before implementing any form of security system our consultants will conduct a thorough Risk & Threat Assessment to help tailor appropriate cost effective protection to the client’s requirements.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Qualified operators will carry out a technical counter measure sweep in order to detect the presence of unauthorised surveillance devices. (Bugs) Sweeps can be carried out wherever or whenever there is a requirement for full discretion.

Continual monitoring or regular sweeps will promote and maintain a safe and sanitized environment for our clients ensuring day-to-day privacy.

Media Security

Our experience in high threat remote environments enables us to deploy at a moments notice to securely and safely assist media crews providing risk consultancy and risk mitigation ensuring their assignments are conducted in the safest manner possible. Operators will also have enhanced medical training and are able journey management plan through hostile environments giving news crews access to breaking stories anywhere in the world.

Decisive Response Training

Black Onyx Concepts offer bespoke packages to a wide range of clients. The aim of this is to provide realistic scenario based training and consultancy centred on today’s potentially volatile society. To give awareness and mind change skills to the individual in order to deal with potential hostile/terrorist acts.


Many aspects of security come together to meet the requirements of the security plan, leaving the client to get on with normal life with peace of mind…

Close Protection Officer

Black Onyx Concepts only use the highest caliber Close Protection Officers chosen for their integrity, professionalism and experience. A Black Onyx Concepts operator not only reacts to imminent threats their experience allows them to detect possible threats before they unfold.

At Black Onyx Concepts we understand that the operators are not only an ambassador for Black Onyx Concepts but they also a representation for the client and their organization. Operators will best suited to each client will be selected from our regulated and vetted database.

Residential Security Team

Residential Security forms an integral part of our Close Protection operations, offering reassurance for our clients about the safety of their family, assets and home, regardless of whether they are in residence. Our residential security teams are created from Close protection operatives with extensive training, knowledge and experience.

After a risk assessment on location has been completed, a security plan will be tailored to fit the clients criteria.

Services would include:

  • Discreet Around-the-clock monitoring and surveillance
  • Rapid response service
  • Permanent patrolling security team

Chauffeur/security drivers

Highly trained advanced drivers will provide safe passage for the principle and/or their family. Or VIP colleagues etc. All drivers are firstly and foremost Close Protection Officers who are trained in detecting if Surveillance is being imposed on the vehicle.

Family chaperone/escort

All Black Onyx Concepts Close Protection officers are Defence Business Services (DBS-National Security Vetting). vetted enabling them to operate close to the principles families including minors.

Venue/event security

Oversee entry/exit point’s security making sure entry only to permitted guests and monitoring the integrity of venue perimeter security.


Discreet Specialist operators drawn from (UKSF) United Kingdom Special Forces, police and other government agencies with who can blend into any environment to gain intelligence whether it be ground truth of a location or on a specific subject with a specific aim.

Counter Surveillance

Unassociated surveillance operators will deploy with an aim of detecting if hostile Surveillance is being imposed on the principle.

Technical Surveillance

Specialist Surveillance equipment can be deployed in conjunction with the surveillance team to enhance there capabilities while minimizing the risk of compromise and lowering the teams exposure.

Protective Surveillance

Close Protection Officers with a surveillance background will deploy ahead of the Close Protection team and the client to a given location or venue in order to give discreet added security to the principle without raising the profile.


Black Onyx Concepts is an evolving company, our business is based on the expertise and knowledge from experienced operators. Security teams comprise former UK Military personnel, trained and certified in maritime security, close protection and medical training.

Black Onyx Concepts operators are able to connect with and support the yacht master and crew in the most professional manner. A key factor is the ability to conduct a comprehensive security briefing, ensuring clients receive the best protection possible whilst instilling in the crew a comfortable sense of safeness across high risk areas.

Our Super yacht Services include :

  • On board maritime security and close protection teams
  • Yacht security assessments and reports
  • Comprehensive security plan
  • Anti-piracy operations
  • Teams to provide quay-side security throughout the vessels stay on location.

Black Onyx Concepts ensure that clients enjoy their cruise or visit ashore in complete confidence.


At Black Onyx Concepts we believe in intelligence-led operations and apply “smart security” strategies that will ultimately turn a potential weakness into a strength. Our assessment and investigation process helps us to make decisions about how to respond to these threats and what protective measures to best implement. We offer both a pro-active and cost-effective approach towards asset protection; employing the highest standard of security operator that will deliver the highest level of protection for each of our clients.

Black Onyx Concepts offers a tailored solution to both physically and technically protect any and all valuable assets. Using a combination of technology, mobile patrol teams and static observation posts, we aim to cover the largest area possible for the man power allocated.

Close Protection Officers provide overt or covert security to high value assets or belongings during transit. Route and logistical planning are essential to ensure minimal risk during transit.


Black Onyx Concepts have the experience to undertake any task. Discretion and privacy will always be held in the highest degree. We believe we can offer a solution to all and any situations. Please contact us to discuss further