Black Onyx Concepts prides itself on a philosophy and determination to provide our clients market-leading services, with an emphasis on effective risk management, resilience and continuity. Our experience in both militarised theatres and the corporate sector, allows us to provide best practice security solutions across a wide-range of business disciplines, doing so in an efficient and unobtrusive manner.


Upholding the highest levels of integrity and ethics procedures through consciences conscientious and transparent business practices. This includes alignment with international human rights policy, regulatory and legislative compliance requisites. We consistently maintain a professional and transparent approach in the execution of our services.


Trust is essential in taking the decision to utilise the right security services for you. Our personable approach and understanding of our clients needs through open engagement is why we are known as the client centric Company. Confidentiality is seen as key to the levels of trust imparted on us, and beyond our code of ethics we ensure compliance with UK and international legislation, including the Data Protection Act 1998. We ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes down to the protection of you, your family, business and assets.


To work in the private security sector in the UK, or to work for a UK based company abroad, operatives are required by law to be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). In accordance, Black Onyx Concepts ensures that all operatives meet these baseline legal standards, and offer additional value-add, by possessing skills bespoke to the task in-hand, as identified on a case by case basis. Our frontline operators take the risk, so you and your family have no need to.


To provide all clients with a trustworthy and professional go-to solution for the provision of effectual security and risk management services. Doing so whilst protecting our client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality at all times.

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